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Leader / Deputy Leader:DEMETER-GR/CIRAD-FR, ARC-EG

Main contributors:INIA-ES



    Develop two pilots joint activities, other than the implementation of calls for research project proposals,

    Develop scientific exchanges between researchers and research groups in Mediterranean,

    Strengthen the coordination and coherence between research institutions

    Develop the research capacity of young scientists.



Task 4.1 Choice of topics for joint activities in Mediterranean agricultural research(M1-M2)

Task leaders: CIRAD-FR; contributors: INIA-ES, ARC-EG, MESRT-TN and DEMETER-GR

The objective of this task is to identify relevant topics for which joint activities could provide added value and are suitable for launching pilot actions.Two topics will be finally selected.

Task 4.2 Designing the joint activities (M2- M19)

Task leader:ARC-EG; contributors: DEMETER-GR, CIRAD-FR,INRAA-DZ and MESRT-TN

The objective of this task is to propose, on each of the selected topics, relevant pilot actions aiming to reinforce research capacity, it will be based on activities such as exchange of researchers and staff, training of young researchers, opening of laboratories, platforms and programmes and networking.


For each topic, the agricultural research teams, projects and networks, will be identified. Simultaneously a reviewbased on the literature of possible joint activities in agricultural research at Mediterranean scale and in the other regions in the world will be issued (M2-8), past and current experiences of partners in joint activities, identification and assessment of significant experiences, including the evaluations of the teams, which have led these, joint activities (M4-12).


A workshop (WK-T4.2) will be organized joining all the partners to debate and validate two pilot actions (M 19).The teams and key-persons for constituting advisor committees of the two selected pilot actions will be identified.


Task 4.3 Implementation of pilot actions of joint activities (M12-M45)

Task leader: CIRAD-FR; contributors: ARC-EG and DEMETER-GR

Pilot actions will be drafted, implemented and evaluated. They should focus on capacity building of young researchers and mobility between the teams of Mediterranean partners.


Task 4.4 Assessment of pilot actions, lessons learnt and next steps for the future (M8-M45)

Task leader:     DEMETER-GR; contributors: ARC-EG, CIRAD-FR

The assessment of the pilot actions will be conducted from the start to the end of the process.

It will be based on knowledge improvement, better sharing tools and methods, significant reduction of scientific gaps, integration in research teams, writing papers together and new collaborative projects and perspectives.







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