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Leader / Deputy Leader:GDAR-TR/ INRAA-DZ, INEA-IT

Main contributors: IRESA-TN, INIA-ES, MESRS-DZ



  Develop a reflection on strengthening the links between research and innovation in the Mediterranean Agriculture.

  Provide a common analysis on current functioning of the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems in the Mediterranean countries

  Provide recommendations related with research calls (likeguidelines, selection criteria, etc.) that could be used to enhance the link between research and innovation.



Task 5.1 Analysis of the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems in the Mediterranean / State of the art (M1- M12)

Task leader: INEA-IT; contributors: GDAR-TR, IRESA-TN, and INRAA-DZ

This task will analyze the formal and informal interactions (knowledge flows) between research – extension – farmers in each Mediterranean country; examine how research and farming practice are linked in selected countries.


Task 5.2 Seminar on the AKIS concept among participants of ARIMNet2 (M1-M14)

Task leader: INIA-ES; contributor: GDAR-TR and MESRT-TN

In this task an internal seminar (in coordination with the SCAR-WG on AKIS and using also the work done in MIRA Project) will take place on the AKIS concept among ARIMNet2 participants to share knowledge and to produce a preparation document for the Stakeholders Conference (Task 5.3).


Task 5.3 Conference on the topic of AKIS in the Mediterranean (M14- M32)

Task leader: GDAR-TR; contributors: IRESA-TN and MESRT-TN

On the basis of the analysis of Task 5.1 and outcomes of the internal seminar in Task 5.2, an international conference of stakeholders will be convened, to provide a larger view on areas open for coordination and improvement. Elaboration of recommendations and guidelines for the evolution of extension services and other relevant tools within the concept of “from research to innovation” in the light of the conclusions of the conference will be undertaken. This task will propose a road map and collaborative models to impact future innovation collaborative policies and will consolidate the governance of innovation.


Task 5.4 Analysis on the previous ARIMNet call, regarding the way the research results could create innovation(Valorisation of previous call results)(M1-M20)

Task leader: IAV-MA; contributor: IRESA-TN, INRAA-DZ

In this task, the results of these pilot research projects funded through the Call 2011 will be analysed with special emphasis on whether they could create innovation:

1)Analysing the innovation potential of the 10 project results (ARIMNet);

2)Training for the researchers on valorisation plan; 

3)Development of technology transfer plan.


Task 5.5 Guideline with criteria for the calls and joint activities on how to enhance the link between research and innovation (M15-M44)

Task leader: IRESA-TN; contributors: INEA-IT, MESRS-DZ and GDAR-TR

Using the results of task 5.4 and 5.5, this task has the objective of proposing criteria to implement in future calls for proposals for targeting innovation in research project.In this task, a guideline with the relevant criteria on how to improve the link between research and innovation will be developed. In this guideline, the relevancy criteria with respect to resulting in more direct outputs for innovation would be crucial.







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