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Leader / Deputy Leader: IRESA-TN/ INRA-FR

Main contributors:CIRAD-FR, MIZS-SI



  Disseminate the ARIMNet project results and the funded transnational research projects outcomes,

  Implement a fruitful communication and information between partners, the European Commission and other relevant actors as well as the public.



Task 6.1 Design and development of a dissemination strategyand a communication kit (M1-M6)

Task leader: IRESA-TN; contributors:  MIZS-SI, INRA-FR

The first step in this WP will be to design an outreach dissemination strategy for the duration of ARIMNet2, in terms of goals, objectives, targets, and means. Then the first tool to be conceived, edited and produced will be the communication kit to be used by all partners to better reach industry, research partners, policy makers, and to ensure a large dissemination


Task 6.2 Design and development of Electronic Dissemination tools (M1- M48)

Task leader: IRESA-TN; contributors: MIZS-SI.

6.2.1The website of ARIMNet will also be updated.This website will provide information to partners, SMEs, stakeholders, research users, scientists, policy makers and the public in general about the project (activities, outcomes, tenders, information about ongoing projects and joint activities...).

6.2.2A newsletterwill be produced and sent to partners, funding agencies, stakeholders, network of structures and SMEs (at least 20 per country) involved in R&D and innovation, in the relevant fields.


Task 6.3 Production of videos and/or other innovative tools to communicate to users(M1-M48)

Task leader: CIRAD-FR, contributor: IRESA-TN

A specific effort will be made to innovate in the way the project disseminates its outcomes. Different media will be mobilized in order to conceive the most appropriated dissemination tools.


Task 6.4 Organization and participation in events (M1-M48)

Task leader: IRESA-TN; contributor: MIZS-SI

The Coordinator and/or other participants of the ERA-Netwill participatein national and international manifestations where the activities of the ERA-Net should be communicated. WP6 will be in charge of organizing the final ARIMNet2 meeting. ARIMNet2 will also contribute in the organization of the different workshops and conferences that have already been described in each of the other WPs (joint activities, transnational joint calls, building of a strategic research agenda, innovation strategy...).








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