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The ARIMNet2 Newsletter n°4 (May 2017) is available. Enjoy your reading! 
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A first draft of the PRIMA Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) is available for download at: Click here
A Public Survey on this draft has been officially launched for people to provide inputs. You can access the survey using the following link: www.es.surveymonkey.com/r/prima-sria
This survey will remain open until 31 May 2017.
Feel free to spread this news in your institutions and networks.
Fore more information about PRIMA, visit: www.prima4med.org


For more information on this upcoming Joint Call, have a look at the Call 2017 Pre-announcement.


13 July 2017, Nice (France) – Check-In-Bio Workshop (Chemical Ecology Inputs in Biological control)

The Check-In-Bio workshop (13 July 2017, Nice) is organised in the frame of the StomP project funded via the ARIMNet2 2015 Call (EU-funded ERA-NET). Its goal is to highlight the input of chemical approaches as solutions for some biological control issues. Chemical ecology could be a key approach to improve biological control through the optimisation of biopesticides, volatile organic compounds as well as plant defenses. As it will follow a StomP meeting (11-12 July), this workshop will also be an opportunity to meet StomP’s foreign colleagues, exchange ideas and start building next projects.

For more information about this workshop, you may contact Thomas Michel (Thomas.michel@unice.fr), and to know more about StomP, have a look at www.arimnet2.net (Research Projects > Projects Call 2015)
29-30 March 2017, Tangier (Morocco) - ARIMNet2 Governing Board meeting and Kick-off meeting of the research projects funded via the ARIMNet2 2016 Call
ARIMNet2 Governing Board meeting and Kick-off meeting of the research projects funded through the ARIMNet2 2016 Call (By invitation only)
The coordinators of the 11 projects funded via the 2016 ARIMNet2 Joint Call and starting in 2017 will present their projects (objectives, approach, expected results and impacts, etc.). You will find more information about these projects on this website (Research Projects > Projects Call 2016). 


11 projects were selected for funding through the ARIMNet2 2016 Call: List of funded projects
As you are eagerly waiting for the results of the ARIMNet2 2016 Call for Research Proposals, we wish to inform you that the selection process is slightly behind schedule but that the results will be published as soon as possible. We sincerely apologise for this delay and thank you for your patience.
ARIMNet2 Integrated Strategic Research Agenda (ISRA) 
A Euro-Mediterranean framework for a more inclusive and effective cooperation on agricultural research and innovation 
Fruit of a continuous dialogue between ARIMNet2 partners (i.e. 24 funding agencies and research institutions), renowned international scientists and European institutions, and based on a shared vision of Mediterranean challenges and priorities, the ARIMNet2 Integrated Strategic Research Agenda (ISRA) constitutes a transnational strategy to boost agricultural research and innovation and enhance sustainably food security, natural resource preservation and socio-economic development across the Mediterranean region. 
The ISRA is the actual roadmap for joint action in the framework of ARIMNet2 and might also guide future similar initiatives and policy-making. It frames the multiple activities implemented or proposed by the ARIMNet2 Consortium to actively support Mediterranean research and innovation efforts, notably by funding collaborative research projects (e.g. transnational calls), sharing research infrastructures and equipment (e.g. joint experiments, shared platforms), and fostering knowledge exchange and capacity-building (e.g. young researchers seminars, international conferences, networking events). 
The ISRA builds upon and complements existing European initiatives for the Mediterranean region, in particular the FACCE-JPI and Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR), paving the way for a more inclusive and effective Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on agricultural research and innovation.
The ARIMNet2 ISRA can be downloaded here: ARIMNet2 ISRA   
If you want to learn more about ARIMNet2, visit our website at www.arimnet2.net and join us on Facebook


ARIMNet2 Call Board and Governing Board meetings (27-28 October 2016, Rome, Italy)

On 27-28 October 2016, ARIMNet2 partners gathered at MiPAFF (MinisterodellePoliticheAgricoleAlimentari e Forestali, Rome, Italy) to review the progress and achievements of the project. Among others, we discussed the publication of our Integrated Strategic Research Agenda (ISRA), the 2016 Joint Call for Transnational Research Proposals whose results will be published soon, the implementation of a Young Researchers Seminar on innovative multi-stakeholder research (29 May - 3 June 2016, Montpellier, France), and the organisation of a large international conference on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) in the Mediterranean (12-13 October 2016, Antalya, Turkey). We also talked over the development of future joint activities for 2017 (e.g. transnational calls, networking events, conferences) addressing our goals related to food security, natural resource management and socio-economic development in the Mediterranean. Our achievements so far are substantial and we will sustain our efforts to capitalise on these positive results and lessons learnt so as to boost integrated, multidisciplinary and collaborative research, support more sustainable agricultural practices across the Mediterranean region, and pave the way for future initiatives.



ARIMNet2 International Conference on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS), 12-13 October 2016, Antalya, Turkey

The ARIMNet2 AKIS Conference is taking place in Antalya, bringing together over 60 participants from the Mediterranean Region (farmers, agribusinesses, funding agencies, researchers, NGOs, etc.) to discuss about transnational agricultural research and innovation. Two days of intense brainstorming and discussions!

The key conference outcomes will be published later this year on the ARIMNet2 website.
Day 1: Keynotes; Presentation of ARIMNet2 activities; Thematic presentations; Stakeholder round table (farmers, entrepreneurs, NGO)
Day 2 - Brainstorming / group discussions - sharing ideas and best practices to enhance Mediterranean Research and Innovation; Round table (funding agencies' representatives)
Oral presentations:

PLATFORM Annual Event 2016 (6-7 October 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
6-7 October 2016 - ARIMNet2 participates to the PLATFORM Annual Event 2016 – The Bigger Picture: P2Ps for Inclusiveness and Innovation, in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
If you want to learn more about the PLATFORM Project (PLATFORM - Platform of bioeconomy ERA-NET Actions), visit: era-platform.eu

ARIMNet2 International Conference on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) in the Mediterranean (12-13 October 2016, Antalya, Turkey)

This two-day international conference will boost the interaction, discussion and creative thinking among a wide range of stakeholders from across the Mediterranean region, concerned by the development and implementation of Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS). The participation (by invitation only) of over 100 people is expected,including farmers and farming organisations, public and private agricultural extension and technology transfer services, agro-industries, researchers, academics, policy-makers, members of the SCAR AKIS CWG, Mediterranean STI cooperation projects, R&I funding bodies, international organisations, local authorities and NGOs.

The conference will address three major topics:

1) Governance of research and innovation in agriculture.

2) Interactions between academics, farmers and their organisations, and agribusinesses.

3) Valorisation of research in agriculture and interactive innovation models.

The conference will propose:

 Keynote speeches on knowledge-based innovation for addressing global challenges.

 Examples of good practices for fostering innovation, based on the lessons learnt from ARIMNet and ARIMNet2 projects.

 Parallel workshops on issues related to:

1. Platform / cluster between firms and academia: Interest in developing platforms for innovation / clusters between the academia and industry.

2. Extension services and interactive innovation models: How to improve the efficiency of agricultural extension services by enhancing their interaction with research institutions and other knowledge centres (e.g. creating operational groups gathering farmers, advisors, researchers, etc.).

3. Innovation potential of the projects:How to better valorise research results and how to predict, evaluate and increase the innovation potential of a research project? (e.g. defining criteria to evaluate the innovation potential of a project: involvement of end-users, dissemination conferences, etc.).

• Presentation and panel discussion on the outcomes of the workshops.

Through this multi-stakeholder regional conference, we aim at:

• Encouraging the exchange of opinions and mutual learning.

• Formulating evidence-based good practices in agricultural innovation processes and policies.

• Fostering exchange and networking between Euro-Mediterranean actors on AKIS.

• Providing an opportunity for networking between innovation actors from the Mediterranean countries.

This conference will contribute to:

Improved mutual understanding of the perceptions, roles and success factors of agricultural innovation policies in the Mediterranean region. 

Scenarios for enhancing the outcomes of Mediterranean Agricultural Research & Innovation partnerships through joint activities translating R&I outputs into technologies, services and goods for addressing global societal challenges. 

Recommendations on Mediterranean Research and Innovation cooperation partnerships to inform the ongoing regional policy dialogue.

For more information, please contact Dr Fabrice GOURIVEAU (ARIMNet2 Assistant Coordinator) at fabrice.gouriveau@supagro.inra.fr

SAFEMED (Food safety regulations, market access and international competition) final workshop, 12 July 2016, Rabat.

• Session 1 – Synthesis of the activities implemented during the project, main results and perspectives of valorisation of the findings in the different partner countries.
• Session 2 – Public food safety policies and response from private stakeholders.
• Session 3 – Consumption aspects.
• Session 4 – South domestic markets: Public regulation, private strategies.
• Session 5 – South domestic markets: The case of the date sector.
SAFEMED is a project coordinated by Dr Abdelhakim Hammoudi (INRA; abdelhakim.hammoudi@ivry.inra.fr) and funded through the ARIMNet 2011 transnational Call.
ARIMNet2 Young Researchers Seminar, 29 May – 3 June 2016, Montpellier (France)
“How to better involve end-users throughout the research process to foster innovation-driven research for a sustainable Mediterranean agriculture at the farm and local scales.”
Album Photos:
Keynote speeches:
ARIMNet Projects - lessons learnt on stakeholder engagement and innovation:
Young researchers' projects:
• Adrian Bugeja Douglas: Authenticating Beehive Products
Perspectives of project coordinators and young researchers on stakeholder engagement and innovation promotion in agricultural research:

The ARIMNet2 2016 Transnational  Call for Research Proposals is Now Closed

The call Forms have been updated - Please make sure you download the new versions.

The ARIMNet2 2016 Transnational  Call for Research Proposals will be open until 1 June 2016, 17:00 CET.

Through this call, the ARIMNet2 consortium supports integrated and trans-disciplinary research projects aimed at producing innovations for enhancing the contribution of agricultural and food systems to sustainable social and economic development.
The ARIMNet2 2016 call covers two topics:
      Topic 1: Promoting sustainable agriculture for socio-economic development.
      Topic 2: Valorising local products through food value chains improvement.
You should submit your research proposals before 1 June 2016, 17:00 CET, on http://arimnet-call.eu/
All the informations and forms necessary for the design and submission of your research proposal can be downloaded from the links below.
The online submission platform is available at http://arimnet-call.eu/, and will be operative from 7 April on.

The ARIMNet-ARIMNet2 meeting has started today, Monday 14 March 2016, at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, in Lisbon. It brings together experts from 15 Mediterranean countries, who work towards agriculture sustainability and food security in the Mediterranean Region.

The achievements of ARIMNet-funded projects (2011 ARIMNet Call) are being presented by their coordinators: ARIDWASTE, SAFEMED, DOMESTIC, MEDILEG, SWIPE, APMED, CLIMED, REFORMA, PHO-MED, PESTOLIVE.
The OPRAMED Project (ARIMNet2 2015 Transnational Call) coordinated by Dr Paola Caruso (Consiglio per la Ricerca e la Sperimentazione in Agricoltura - Centro di ricerca per l’agrumicoltura e le colture mediterranee, Italy) celebrated its kick-off meeting on 22 March 2016 in Acireale, Sicilia, Italy.
ORPRAMED - Risk assessment of introduction of Xanthomonas citri subsp citri through commercial trade of ornamental rutaceous plants in the Mediterranean basin
The STOMP project (ARIMNet2 2015 Transnational Call), coordinated by Lucia Zappalà (Dipartimento di Agricoltura, Alimentazione e Ambiente, University of Catania, Italy) celebrated its kick-off meeting on 5 May 2016, in Italy.
STOMP - Sustainable Tomato Production: plant defense enhancement, development of new biopesticides and optimization of environmental, water and chemical inputs
More information available at: www.arimnet2.net/index.php/researchprojects/projects-2nd-call/stomp
The BACPLANT Project (ARIMNet2 2015 Transnational Call) coordinated by Dr Cédric Jacquart (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne) celebrated its kick-off meeting on 22 April 2016, in Reims, France.
BACPLANT - Towards a sustainable agriculture by increasing plant tolerance to bioticstress under climatic change.
More information at: www.arimnet2.net/index.php/researchprojects/projects-2nd-call/bacplant
The EMERAMB Project (ARIMNet2 2015 Transnational Call) coordinated by Dr Miguel A. Aranda (CEBAS-CSIC, Spain) celebrated its kick-off meeting on 17 May 2016, in Murcia, Spain.
EMERAMB - Emergent viruses and virus vectors in Mediterranean Basin crops
More information at: www.arimnet2.net/index.php/researchprojects/projects-2nd-call/emeramb
The final brochures of ARIMNet-funded projets (2011 Call) are now available:
Enjoy your reading
30 May – 3 June 2016, Montpellier, France
ARIMNet2 Young Researchers Seminar: “How to better involve end-users throughout the research process to foster innovation-driven research for sustainable Mediterranean agriculture at farm and local scales.”
The ARIMNet2 consortium is delighted to inform you about the upcoming 2016 joint transnational ARIMNet2 Call for proposals, to be launched on 1 April 2016 (Deadline for proposal submission will be on 1 June 2016).
This pre-announcement aims at encouraging research teams to look for partners and start preparing their innovative research proposals.
Through this call, the ARIMNet2 consortium will support integrated and trans-disciplinary research projects aimed at producing innovations for enhancing the contribution of agricultural and food systems to sustainable social and economic development.
The ARIMNet2 2016 joint transnational call will cover two topics:
      Topic 1: Promoting sustainable agriculture for socio-economic development.
      Topic 2: Valorising local products through food value chains improvement.
For more details, click here: Pre-announcement
The European Commission has opened a public consultation on PRIMA, ”Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area”, an initiative aimed at reinforcing international cooperation in research and innovation for sustainable agriculture, food and water management in the Mediterranean Region.
The purpose of the open public online consultation is to collect views and opinions on the scope, objectives and impacts of the initiative. A wide answer from Mediterranean institutions and stakeholders is expected. 
You are invited to reply to the consultation but also to forward the link to anyone who may be interested. Respondents can be relevant universities, research organisations, public authorities, local communities, large businesses and SMEs, NGOs, individual citizens, etc.
Attached are materials in English and French that you can disseminate within your networks.
ARIMNet projects final conference and ARIMNet2 projects kick-off meeting
14-15 March 2016 -  Lisbon, Portugal
ARIMNet projects' coordinators will share their achievements, while ARIMNet2 projects' coordinators will introduce their newly starting projects and their research perspectives.

ARIMNet2 Transnational Joint Call 2015: Results 

ARIMNet2 is pleased to announce the results of its Transnational Joint Call 2015. 

10 transnational projects were selected for funding. 
The list of selected projects is available here
The summaries of selected projects are available here

All the coordinators will receive in the next days their scientific evaluation report.

ARIMNet2 Call 2015

The ARIMNet2 transnational Joint Call was launched in September 2014.The deadline for submission of pre-proposals was the 1st December. 191 pre-proposals were submitted. In February, after the evaluation realized by the ARIMNet2 Scientific Evaluation Committee, 54 pre-proposals were selected by the Call Board. The coordinators were invited to participate in the second step of the call and submit a full proposal by May 11th, 2015. 

In December 2015, 10 transnational projects were selected for funding.  
The list of selected projects is available here
The summaries of selected projects are available here

Call documents :



Guidelines for applicants: clarification concerning the budget
The 15% variation of the budget between step 1 and step 2 refers to a voluntary action by the project coordinator/partners (with the validation of the corresponding funding agency). This possible variation IS NOT related to the recommendations given in the evaluation letter. In defining a new budget for the full proposal the partners and coordinators must follow the recommendations given in the letter, that could lead to a reduction of the original budget greater than 15%.






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